Today, with many of us shoved into this forced pause, maybe there’s an opportunity to reframe this newly found time as a “mandatory sabbatical” of some sort?

Did you know? You have 6 seconds to make an impression with a recruiter — the average amount of time a recruiter spends reviewing your resume is S-I-X seconds! Let’s make it count.

Keyboard with hand holding a pen, notebook and cell phone.

A simple framework for making a memorable first impression while starting a new job from home.

TOP 4 confessions & reflections from my first year as a self-employed career coach.

Severe Storms, High Winds, and Heavy Rains Expected

Sailboat on a stormy sea

Jennifer Smith

Jenn is on a mission to support others navigate the world of work by resetting boundaries and igniting action to live their happiest lives ❀ Flourish.Careers

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