How to Take a Sabbatical at Work — Whether Forced or By Choice.

Today, with many of us shoved into this forced pause, maybe there’s an opportunity to reframe this newly found time as a “mandatory sabbatical” of some sort?

A Look Back to When I Needed a Pause

Steps To Take a Sabbatical — Even Without a Policy in Place

What I Learned From 100 Days Away From Corporate America

It’s OK to Take a Break

My Best, Most Creative Work

Mindfulness and Being Present

Recharging My Battery Opens New Space

Re-Evaluating My Relationship With Time

And that’s the opportunity for us all now, to discover for ourselves what’s important and how to make each day count.

Jenn is on a mission to support others navigate the world of work by resetting boundaries and igniting action to live their happiest lives ❀ Flourish.Careers

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